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The Ministry of information policy presented a Report on broadcasting restoration in ATO zone

June 15, a joint briefing of the Deputy Minister of information policy Tetiana Popova, people's Deputy of Ukraine Oleksandr Brygynets, a member of the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine Sergiy Kostinskyi took place.

At the briefing the activity results of the Commission on ensuring stable operation of national television and radio broadcasting in ATO zone and plans for the second half of 2016 (according to the results of a joint trip to ATO zone with the people's deputies of Ukraine) were presented.

Tetiana Popova reported on 55 installed transmitters in ATO area, which had increased by 27% the total number of TV transmitters that are installed in ATO area on the territory controlled by Ukraine.

The Deputy Minister presented the plans of the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine for 2016 in ATO zone. She noted that amendments to the budget in financing to increase broadcasting of the regional channels and public broadcasting in ATO zone, Kherson and Odesa regions, amendments to the legislation concerning the decrease of cost of services for broadcasting companies, which operate in the zone of the antiterrorist operation are in plans. It is also planned to develop a joint draft bill with the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine regarding special regime for broadcasting in the territory of anti-terrorist operation and border areas with Russia. Also¸ MIP plans to build in ATO area two new TV tower by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2016 and to launch a construction plan of the third TV tower.

Sergiy Kostinskyi reported that all that could be done in this year without budgetary infusions from the state has already been done.

"The available frequency resource for broadcasting in the region is almost exhausted. The tasks that we have discussed in framework of the Commission, are the construction of new TV towers of greater height, the reduction of the burden on broadcasters, who are forced to pay for electricity at the tariffs that exist in other territories with no war, the establishment of a separate funding program for NBCU for the protection of information space", - said Sergiy Kostinskyi.


Oleksandr Brygynets noted that now it was managed to provide a steady signal of the Ukrainian broadcasters in the controlled territories of ATO zone. Therefore, there is no need to provide military units with mobile satellite antennas.

"The coverage was significantly increased, and in many places the Ukrainian signal is already available, there are lots to watch", - said Brygynets.



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