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Ivetta Delikatnaya: "Communications reform is developed and ready for implementation"

10 June, a conference #UA_IS "The establishment of information society in Ukraine: the state, the society, the private sector", which was organized by the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine took place.

The government communications reform was thematically discussed within a framework of the conference.

Advisor to the Minister of information policy on implementation of "Open government" program Ivetta Delikatnaya, managing editor of VOX Ukraine Natalia Shapoval, head of Pr and GR services of the "Agama Communications" Iryna Zolotarevych and founder of the NGO "Change Communications" Oleksandr Kharchenko participated in the discussion.

As noted during a speech Ivetta Delikatnaya, at the moment, it is necessary to make the transition from communication under crisis conditions to the establishment of information campaigns planning system, and to ensure consistency and continuity of this system at civil servants level.


"This is the main part of the reform: the transition from "firefighting" to the planning of information campaigns, which expects the population on the topics that interest people. Because exactly these campaigns establish trust, which ensures the stability of a government", - said Ivetta Delikatnaya.

Ivetta Delikatnaya said that the concept of the communications reform is developed and prepared for implementation.

Oleksandr Kharchenko, founder of the NGO "Change Communications" emphasized on the need to move from fragmented communication to a structured system, which will allow not only to communicate between the branches of a government but will be a basis for strategic planning. 

"We need to understand that communication for a state is not a service or a dispatch office of some messages to the people. This is a basic thing when making decisions. People who make decisions, have to think how society will react to certain decisions, and to communicate in the decision-making process; they have to explain their decisions and try to understand was an estimate of perception right or not", - said Oleksandr Kharchenko.

The issues of forming the image of the country and information integration of temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions and the annexed Crimea, the communication strategies in terms of the post-information society were also discussed during the conference.

The conference #UA_IS "The establishment of information society in Ukraine: the state, the society, the private sector" was undertaken with the support of Microsoft Ukraine and "Adamant" IT company.

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