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Videos that prove the presence of the Russian military in the territory of Ukrainian Donbass



Air observers found Russian T-72B tanks near Novoazovsk


Coverage on operation of Ukrainian military intelligence in ATO area. A footage on combat training of separatists by Russian servicemen:


Russian paratroopers from Buryatia in Debaltseve:


Testimony of captured DNR militant on liquidation of deserter terrorist by Russian retreat-blocking detachments:


Consequences of Mariupol shelling by Russian GRAD’s:


Video interrogation of captured Russian terrorist "Vostok" battalion, which arrived in Ukraine from Novosibirsk:


Russian military at Vuhlehirsk:


Video evidence - in Russian men threatened criminal responsibility for crimes sent to Ukraine "work", doing terrorism:


- A column of Russian military weaponry near Krasnodon coming from Luhansk.
- Donetsk airport area hit by Grad artillery on 25 Sep 2014.
- Russian soldiers captured nearby Luhansk
- Russian weaponry in Donetsk, 01 Nov 2014.
- Video of the story by sergeant of the Russian Armed Forces detained in Ukraine.
- SBU detains traitors who led terrorists into Donetsk airport.
- DNR artillery shelling nearby Donetsk.
- Grad shelling by pro-Russian militants in residential area
- Grad shelling by pro-Russian militants in Donetsk
- How Russian tanks get into Ukraine by trains. Podpesochnoye Lake district nearby Luhansk 10 Sep 2014
- Attack on Donetsk airport on 11 Jan 2015
- Roadblock of ATO forces under terrorist fire nearby Volnovakha (13 Jan 2015)
- Mariupol on 24 Jan 2015. Video of Grad shelling shot from car video recorder.
- Mariupol on 24 Jan 2015. Grad shelling recorded by car video camera
- ATO forces sniper hits separatist live on 29 Jan 2015
- 10 Feb 2015. Car video camera shot shelling of Kramatorsk
- 10 Feb 2015. Moment of Kramatorsk shelling in airport area.
- Debaltseve. Powerful shelling of the city. Last minutes of filming by spotter of Ukrainian Armed Forces in February 2015.
- Ukraine. Donetsk. Tochka U explodes as terrorists try to launch it
- Parade rehearsal by militants planned for May 9, 2015. Military weaponry
- City of Krasnodon. Unloading shells come from Russia