Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine

                                                                 Dear Journalists!

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine continue to implement project "Embedded journalism", which provides attaching journalist to military units in the ATO area.

The post of "Embedded journalism" provides five location points with a weekly rotation.

"Embedded journalism" application requirements for journalists are:

1. Insurance policy for the journalist's work in a combat zone.

2. Certificate of specialized training for military journalist.

3. Access for activity in ATO area from SSU (can be an extra security check).

5. At the time of attachment a journalist must be in good physical health. Before attaching the media representatives should consult with a doctor(s) about their health. If a journalist has a history of heart or lung disease, and coronary heart disease, or other chronic or widespread disease or predisposition to such diseases, as well as during pregnancy they cannot participate in program. Media representatives must declare absence of any injuries or trauma that can trigger disease during attachment.

Attaining the status of "Embedded journalism" involves signing a contract between the journalist, the media and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. This includes non-disclosure of official secrets and any information that may threaten the information security of Ukraine. A press officer will work with a journalist during entire period.

Editorship of media representative, who participates in "Embedded journalism", must ensure compliance with the Ukrainian labor code and classify journalists' stay in ATO area as official mission.

Media representative must have individual protection equipment, which must at least include the following: body armor not less than level-4 protection, helmet with appropriate marking "Press", first aid kit (with all necessary for first aid) and appropriate knowledge how to use it.

The locations of "Embedded journalism" currently are:  Shyrokyne, Pisky, Avdiivka, Schastya.

No more than 2 media representatives can be embedded at the same time to one point for a week.

Please provide your application before 2 weeks of departure to ATO area to [email protected]. Life insurance policy and health insurance policy with an insurance sum of at least 100 thousand UAH or in foreign currency at the exchange rate of the NBU at the date of the formation of a contract are available in these members of associations of insurers: the Insurance Business Association, the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Insurance Federation.

Note: for additional information you can contact the Director General of the  Insurance Business Association Ludmyla Biloshytska - 067 547-27-01.

PDF- MIP and MoD joint project presentation


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