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Journalist support

The Ministry of Information Policy considers the protection of the right to information, access to it, and its dissemination as one of its main objectives.

Deputy Minister of Information Policy – Tetiana Popova is in charge with introduction of embedded journalism contract.

Taking into consideration importance of providing true information to Ukrainian and international societies regarding Anti-Terroristic Operation we propose to provide direct access to information regarding actions of Ukrainian Army in ATO zone. Heads of media or information agencies, representatives of media or information agencies and Ministry of Defence will sign the embedded journalism contract. That contract will allow representative of media or information agency to reach their editorial goals and provide society with direct information regarding combat or any other military operations.

At that time agreement is discussed with working group of media, information agencies and media-lawyers. MoD agreed to open 4 positions for certified military journalists (rotation based). Embedded journalist' insurance will be requested to take part in the experiment.

In case your rights to information were violated by any agencies or governmental authorities, you can contact MIP at [email protected].

Your complaint will be considered within the shortest possible time.

How to get a press accreditation card in ATO area

                                                                   Dear Journalists!

 The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine jointly with the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine continue to take the application process for project «Embedded journalists» - attaching media to military units in the ATO area.

Attaining the post of an embedded journalists is provisional on the five points below and there is a weekly rotation.

Application requirements for journalists seeking to embed with military units:

 1. Insurance policy for the journalist's work in a combat zone.

2. Access to work in the area of ​​Security ATO (can be an extra security check).

4. Participants must provide information about the audience and circulation of the media that they represent.

5. At the time of attachment journalist must be in good physicalhealth. Before attaching media representatives should consult with a doctor about their health. If a journalist has a history of heart or lung disease, and coronary heart disease, or other chronic or widespread disease or predisposition to such diseases, as well as during pregnancy they cannot participate in embedding.

 Attaining the status of an Embedded Journalist involves signing a contract between the journalist, the media organization he/she represents and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. This includes non-disclosure of official secrets and any information that may threaten the information security of Ukraine. A press office will always accompany an Embedded Journalist.

 Media outlets represented by the Embedded Journalists must ensure compliance with the Ukrainian labor code and classify journalists stay in the area of ATO as official travel.

 Member of the media must have personal  body protection,  as a minimum, of body armor not less then  level-4 threat, helmet with appropriate marking "Press", adequate first aid kit and first aid training, preferable for combat zones.

 The four areas of accommodation for Embedded Journalists currently are:  Shyrokyne, Pesky, Avdiyivka, Schastya. No more than 2 representatives of a media outlet can be embedded at any one time..

 Please send your application before 2 weeks of departure to Deputy Minister of Information Policy Tatiana Popova: [email protected]