Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine


of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine


STETS Yuriy Yaroslavovych

First Deputy Minister

DZHAPAROVA Emine Aiyarivna

Deputy Minister

ZOLOTUKHIN Dmytro Yurievich

State Secretary

BIDENKO Artem Ihorovych

Executive Support Service of the Minister

Legal Sector

Sector for Human Resources Management

Financial and Economic Sector

Sector for Accountancy and Accounting Control

Sector for Administrative Services

Sector for Strategic Communications

Sector for Information Reintegration of Crimea and Donbas

Sector for Implementation of the Doctrine of Information Security

Sector for International Cooperation in the Field of Information Security

Sector for Promotion of Ukraine in the World

Sector for European Integration

Sector for Reforming the Information Field and Public Relations

Chief Specialist on Internal Audit

Chief Specialist on Sensitive and Classified Activities

Chief Specialist on Prevention and Exposure of Corruption



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