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State Secretary




Born February 12, 1981.


In 2004 graduated from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy with Master’s Degree in Political Science.

From 2004 to 2007 had pursued postgraduate studies at the National Institute for Strategic Studies with the following subject of thesis: The Role and Place of Institution of National Security Councilwithin the Political Decision Making Process. 

In 2003 completed a course in Political Management at Robert Schuman Institute in Budapest, Hungary.  

Employment and Political Activity

1999 - 2000: assistant editor, expert, Political Calendar at Institute of Politics.

2000: expert, Legislative Initiatives' Workshop.

2000 - 2001: editor, economic and financial news block of Novyi Den' TV program at Inter television channel.

2001 - 2003: co-author, country profile of Ukraine for Freedom House (Nations in Transit).

2000 - 2003: home policy and political communication expert, International Institute for Comparative Analysis.

2003 - 2006: political communication expert, School of Political Analytics under National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

2003 - 2007: member of Advertising Council under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

2003 - 2014: head of Coordination Council of External Advertising Association of Ukraine.

Since 2002: member of Public Council under Committee on Information and Freedom of Speech of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; contributed to the drafting of the bill on  Advertising of Ukraine.

August 2014 - present: Head of Department of Advertising of Kyiv City State Administration (KMDA).

Blogger and contributor to such online media as Ukrayins'ka Pravda, UBR, Liga, Espreso.tv, worked as a freelance journalist and political observer/editor of such newspapers as Ukrayins'ke Slovo, Delovaya Ukrayina, Delovaya Nedelia, Argumenty i Fakty v Ukrayine, and such magazines as Business Communication, Profil', Kompaniyon and others. A co-author of two books on election campaigns in Ukraine.

Appointed Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine and Chief of Staff according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of February 4, 2015.

Income declaration of the Deputy Minister – Chief of Staff Artem Bidenko (2014 year)

Income declaration of the Deputy Minister – Chief of Staff Artem Bidenko (2015 year)