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1. July 17, 2016

- KaZantip festival constructions were burned in Crimea 

- In the village of Popovka, there was a fire in the building, which was part of famous KaZantip music festival infrastructure. The fire in a wooden house on the beach area began at about 5 pm Moscow time.

- According to local residents, when they called the firemen the latter responded, "So what, let it burn." 

- Local entrepreneurs believe that the fire on the beach was no coincidence. 


2. July 18, 2016

- Crimeans are offered land in the Far East of Russia

- Russia offers Crimeans to rent a hectare of land in the Far East. Applications for "Far East hectare" will be accepted starting from February 1, 2017.  

- The contract is concluded for five years, after which the leasing can be extended by 49 years, or the land may be obtained into ownership

- At the moment, there are 2103 applications submitted, 48 land plots are expecting the owner to sign the agreement, and 32 plots are already being used. 


3. July 19, 2016

-Simferopol airport cancels dozens of flights

- Regular flight delays can be observed in the Simferopol airport since Monday, July 18.

- So, according to the online-board data, ‘VIM-Avia’ airline flight Simferopol - Saint Petersburg flew out in the morning of July 21 at the destination with a 12 hours delay. In addition, flight Simferopol - Moscow of the same airline was also delayed. Passengers flew to Domodedovo only 8 hours after the scheduled time.

- Passengers waiting at the airport, are not helped, and even not provided with drinking water.


4. July 20, 2016

- Shevchenko monument painted in colors of Ukrainian flag in Crimea

- In occupied Simferopol, the unknown wrote: ‘Glory to Ukraine’ on the monument to Taras Shevchenko. Also there was a trident painted in yellow and blue colors.

- After a few hours the ‘authorities’ destroyed the inscription.

- On the morning of 21 July, the episode repeated - a monument was painted again.

- Considering such cases acts of vandalism, the ‘authorities’ of the annexed territory of Ukraine intend to establish a surveillance camera just in front of the monument to Ukrainian classicist.



5. July 22, 2016

- Authorities’ of Crimea require not to figure it as Ukraine

- ‘Deputy Prime Minister’ of the Crimean government Ruslan Balbek said that Ukraine must conduct a new demarcation of the border with the Crimea, so that the peninsula was no longer identified with the Ukrainian territory on maps.

-  He finds unacceptable that Ukraine, like it used to, depicts the peninsula on their maps not as part of Russia.

- According to the ‘Deputy Prime Minister’, talking on 'Russian annexation of the peninsula' has lost its relevance even for the inhabitants of Western Ukraine.

- As stated by the Kremlin-controlled Crimean government, the demarcation of the new border "could be the first step to the improvement of the Ukrainian-Russian relations."