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1. May 18, 2016

- Defendants in Hizb ut-Tahrir case remain under arrest

- A preliminary hearing in the criminal case against four Crimean Muslims accused of terrorism was held on May 18. After a 2-hour deliberation, the judge rejected the defense motion.

- The defendants’ detention term was extended until October 2016. The next hearing will be held in Rostov at 10 am on June 1.

- Detained on January 23, 2015 on the fabricated Hizb ut-Tahrir case, Ruslan Zeytullaev was accused of committing a crime under Article 205.5 of the Criminal Code (membership in a terrorist organization).

- Also arrested and held in detention are Ferrat Sayfullaev, Rustem Vaitov and take Nuri Primov.


2. May 19, 2016

- Umerov charged with separatism 

- Mejlis Deputy Chairman Ilmi Umerov was charged with making public appeals and committing actions aimed at changing territorial integrity of the Russian Federation.

- Investigators handed Umerov a decision containing Umerov’s quotes that the occupants consider as such that constitute ‘criminal offenses’.

- During interrogation, Ilmi Umerov declined to give testimony citing Article 51 of the Russian Constitution.

- The FSS charges Umerov with separatism for remarks he made during his speech at ATR TV channel in which he said that ‘it is necessary to make Russia leave Crimea and Donbas’." Umerov is also charged with urging to make amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine regarding giving the Crimean Tatar people a special status and turning Crimea into a Crimean Tatar autonomy within Ukraine.


3. May 20, 2016

- Moscow court bans Mustafa Jemilev from entering Crimea

- On May 20, the Moscow City Court banned Mustafa Jemilev, leader of the Crimean Tatar people and Ukrainian MP, from entering Crimea.

- The defense lodged a complaint but it was dismissed. The hearing was held in closed session.

- Mustafa Jemilev’s lawyer intends to lodge an appeal against the Moscow City Court’s decision with the Supreme Court of Russia.

- In 2014, Mustafa Jemilev tried to enter the territory of the Crimea, but the Russian border guards prevented him from doing so saying that he was not allowed in the Russian Federation until 2019. Later, Simferopol’s Kiev District Court issued an warrant for Jemilev’s arrest in absentia. Jemilev also had criminal proceedings instituted against him under three articles of the Criminal Code.4

4. May 20, 2016

- Chiygoz trial: An eyewitness account

- On May 20, Crimea’s Supreme Court held hearing on extension of detention term of Mejlis Deputy Chairman Akhtem Chiygoz whom Crimean ‘authorities’ charge with organizing mass disorders during the February 26, 2014 rally May 20 held walls.

- The investigator requested that Chiygoz’s detention term be extended for up to two months, because the defendant did not have time to get acquainted with all the materials of the case, thus he may try to flee from justice and apply pressure on the investigation and witnesses. The prosecution kept ignoring the concept of presumption of innocence. The investigators also suspect Ahtem Chiygoz of keeping in touch with Leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Jemilev and Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Refat Chubarov.

- There were turnstiles near the entrance to the courtroom and police officers. People who came to the hearing were searched with hand-held metal detectors.

- During the hearing, Chiygoz’s defense lawyers were made to seat with their backs to the prosecution.

- Responding to the prosecution's accusations that prior to being arrested Chiygoz engaged in criminal activity, Public Defender Elmira Ablyalimova said that before his arrest Akhtem Chiygoz engaged in politics, and if engaging in politics constitutes a criminal offense, then all members of the State Council and government should be arrested.

- After a break, Judge Plastinina read out her verdict whereby Akhtem Chiygoz’s detention term was extended until July 22, 2016.


May 20, 2016

- Sim City Trans building searched again

- Federal Bailiff Service officers came to Simferopol’s Sim City Trans building.

- The building used to house ATR Crimean Tatar TV channel, Lale TV Channel and Meydan radio.

- The officers left the building, but the purpose of their visit is not yet known.

- It was reported earlier that police officers armed with assault rifles and wearing full combat gear, including balaklavas and body armor,  stormed Simferopol’s Sim City Trans building,  which used to house ATR office, sealing it off completely.